Music of Thailand's ethnic cultures

Reed instruments

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Reeds, gourds and gods
Reed instruments from the hills of Northern Thailand

The indigenous people of Southeast Asia possess a remarkable array of reed instruments. Most spectacular are the free reed instruments with pipes ranging from a few centimetres in two two metres in length. Double reed instruments are also common in several cultures as well as idioglottal clarinets, where the reed is cut from the body of the instrument itself.  This album, which covers the music of 12 ethnic groups , provides examples of singe free reed pipes played by the Hmong, Karen horns, instruments consisting of a melody pipe and drones played by the Palaung and  Tai Neua and truly polyphonic instruments with multiple pipes played by the Hmong, Lisu, Akha, Lahu, Mlabri and Khamu. It also features shawms played by the Kahin and Mien groups as well as an idioglottal clarinet of the Khamu and, finally a simple mango leaf played by a Lua virtuoso.





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